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Hey Boss!! Can we upgrade to SharePoint 2010?

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Now that SharePoint 2010 is out. A lot of folks are asking about the Pros and Cons of SharePoint 2010.

Businesses and Leadership frequently ask:

  • What are the benefits of moving to SP2010?
  • But we just migrated to MOSS 2007?
  • Do we really need to upgrade? ( I should  ask  this same question when new iPhone comes out)
  • What is the ROI on it? (hmm.. wonder what is the ROI of the penthouse office?)

In order to get the conversation started with your leadership  I have  compiled a high level Pros and Cons of SP2010. As you can tell there are whole lot Pros than Cons 🙂



Social/Cloud Tagging

You got bits? Make sure it is 64. No 32-bit platform.

Better Centralized Taxonomy

Need Office 2010 to get full benefits of SP2010.

Foxonomy Concept (I hope businesses leverage this)

Learning curve from SSP –> Service Apps and BDC –> BCS

New Service Application Concept (Improves Scalability)

Businesses are still catching up to MOSS 2007. It is all about $$

Better Integration with FAST Search ( Microsoft’s Best Purchase of the decade)  
Simultaneous Editing of Documents (Office 2010 Integration needed)  
Bi-directional Sync for User Profiles  
Facebook Type “Wall” Concept  
Status Updates in MySites  
Visio 2010 Integration  (Still not sure if user will adapt to this)  
Built in Performance Controls  
Better Reporting with Performance Point and Excel Services  
Power Pivot (I saw live demo of sorting 1 million records in few seconds)  
Multi-Tenant Support – No more “I cannot give you access because your site is shared” 🙂  
Better Development Integration with VS2010. SharePoint Development got whole lot easier.  
Better Records Management -(I am still waiting to learn more about this- so I’ll  believe it when I see it:-)  
Capability of Building Sandbox Solutions  
ROI (Based on Forrester research – time saving of 4% per employee)  


If anybody is interested in reading the Forrester research here is the link :

 Hope this helps..

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