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Alerts setup using the Intranet URL will not work for Internet URL in SharePoint

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Create the alerts while logged in the application using the Internet URL. Most likely you created the alerts using the internal URL and that’s why the email are showing the internal URL.If you have already created your alerts you can updated them using the PowerShell command:

Invoke-AlertFixup -site <NewURL> -oldurl <OldURL>



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Create new users with unique Passwords in Active Directory using CSV File and PowerShell

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is simple PowerShell script that can create new accounts and setup unique passwords in Active Directory.

First Step is to create a csv file and specify rows for new accounts For e.g.


Second Step is to the script below using PowerShell


$dataSource=import-csv “test.csv” //This is the name of the csv file

foreach($dataRecord in $datasource) {

$cn=$dataRecord.FirstName + ” ” + $dataRecord.LastName
$displayName=$sn + “, ” + $givenName
$Password = $dataRecord.Password
$userPrincipalName=$sAMAccountName + “”


Last Step is to verify in Active Directory that the accounts are created.