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How to rebuild Search Service Application in SharePoint 2010

May 31, 2012 3 comments

1) Open SharePoint Management Shell as an administrator


Delete the Search Service Application


2) Locate the GUID for the search service application by typing


Get-SPServiceApplication |?{$ -eq “<name of the search application>”}


3) Copy the names of the Databases associated with the Search Service Application

4) Run the following stsadm command


Stsadm.exe –o deleteconfigurationobject –id ‘<GUID>’

4 ) Delete the following databases from SQLManagementStudio . The exact names are copied under Step 3.





5) Delete the index files from Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14\Data\Office Servers\Applications


6) Go to Central AdministrationàManage Service Applications

7) Click New Search Service Application

8) Provide a name to the application and select the managed account and Click Ok

Wait for the confirmation

Configure the new Search Service Application


9) Add the existing portal address in the content sources and setup Full Crawl and Incremental crawl.

10) Run full crawl